Sesame Street Activewear Commercial Featuring Netflix Actress Bunny Yan

Sesame Street Activewear Commercial Featuring Netflix Actress Bunny Yan

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- "Spooler," a tech-driven design startup, is developing and launching a Sesame Street active wear product line, under its HDLV-USA brand, into the Health & Wellness market.

 "We are thrilled to introduce a new line of Sesame Street active wear that will resonate with youth culture across the globe," said Spooler's founder Benjamen "Ben" Janey. Looking ahead, Spooler's Sesame Street active wear line allows shoppers to join in the fun of a fresh and innovative clothing startup, encourage sports performance, and support healthy living.

"We're excited to work with HDLV-USA on a creative new line of Sesame Street apparel, featuring fan favorites like Oscar and Cookie Monster, that appeals to the socially-conscious millennial who grew up on Sesame Street," said Kerri Estreich, Senior Director of Licensing, Sesame Workshop.

Founded two-and-a half years ago, Spooler's vision to "connect the world through design" has found accelerated growth into a robust design enterprise working to solve problems in the apparel space. The company houses both patent-pending technology, along with other private label products and proprietary software.  To learn more about Spooler, visit their website: To purchase Sesame Street Active Wear online, visit: For more info on Benjamen Janey, follow him on Instagram: @benjamenjaney.


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