Disrupting Fashion Through Design

LOS ANGELES, October 13, 2016—The year 2016 has seen a rebirth of Benjamen Janey’s HDLV-USA. The trailblazing company has been enveloped under a new parent company umbrella called Spooler, Inc. Spooler is working to disrupt the fashion industry in the same way that Netflix, Vimeo, and Spotify have disrupted the film and music industries: by helping people attain relevant, high quality product in real time, while seamlessly allowing them to voice their views on social topics they care about.

Spooler develops technology and systems to create innovative products to help improve the future of fashion. Part of that future is a mobile app called “WeDesyn”, which allows fashionistas to customize gear on-the-go from their Smartphone.

“WeDesyn is an amazing product, and the newest of the Spooler bunch,” Benjamen said. “WeDesyn allows users to ‘up’ vote and ‘down’ vote ideas for clothing designs in custom groups.”

Timeless™ is another unique platform under the Spooler umbrella, providing inspiration for designers to create timeless masterworks, as well as earn income from their work. Goodbye runway, hello online portal!

“WeDesyn solves the problem of figuring out how to create high quality designs based on your preferences with speed and convenience,” Benjamen explained. “The voting process is almost like an internal quality control. When in the past could a clothing fanatic, fraternity brother, or Marvel Comics fan submit a t-shirt idea to an app, invite their friends to vote on the design, then have a professionally designed product shipped out in 72 hours to themselves and all of their friends?

“The app puts the control back into the hands of clothing consumers within a social environment. It’s the same concept as the kiosk, but on your mobile phone. We’re raising 850,000 and have an amazing dynamic team.”


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The stars also aligned in Benjamen’s musical universe, with his soon-to-be released EP appropriately titled, “Renaissance.” The launch will happen on Spotify and other music streaming sites, spotlighting Benjamen’s collaboration with a new generation of elite writers, artists, and producers including Allan Esjhuis, Dutch Platinum’s songwriter and producer; Jbeatzz of the Outkast Dungeon Family; singer-songwriter Jasmine Ash; The House of Titans; EV0LUT10N, and many more.


Since music is Benjamen’s first love, to say that he is excited would be an understatement. “Super excited about the release,” he began.

“My music career provides exposure for my fashion products. Music is such a dynamic medium for influence and promoting. The truth about the music is that I have a much longer history in the music industry than I do in fashion, but being successful in business has given me a competitive advantage in music. The prospective angel investors in our pipeline happen to be Start-up investors and music guys, so the package I’m pitching will be very appealing to their interest.”

“The Renaissance Tour” will combine music performances with art and fashion shows, and is planned for Europe in 2017. “It’s a nice tie in,” he added.

Benjamen is sparking a revolution of innovation in mainstream music and technology, as he has done with fashion and pop culture. There are few young black technology companies out there, and Benjamen’s Spooler, Inc. is the first of its kind. But Benjamen takes it all in stride. Says Benjamen,

“I’m finally at a stage in my career where I’m blessed to have amazing teams in place to share my success. With Spooler, our team is developing technology to improve the fashion experience. Music is universal and the ultimate platform of expression to inspire and share my life’s story with the world; and streaming TV provides a powerful and wide channel to communicate to our consumers.”

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Benjamen has many pots on the boil, which is a hallmark of successful entrepreneurs.

“All the dots are connected. All of my business ventures weave together and complement one another. The width of my portfolio is no different than the majority of other successful entrepreneurs before me such as Howard Hughes (aerospace, aviation, filmmaking, stock market), or Richard Branson (aviation, music, telecommunications). It’s just that on your way up, people have a different viewpoint about diversification. Once you are in Forbes, they’ll say your versatility is genius.”

Self-interest and self-promotion often go hand-in-hand with genius, and Benjamen’s newest brewing pot is a YouTube documentary: “American Hip-Hop Tycoon”, which highlights the lifestyles and achievements of rising young urban entrepreneurs; from the scale of their successes, to daily battles, triumphs, and how the love for Hip-Hop continues to be the driving force that inspires their creations, propels ambition, and fuels career and business progress.

With development happening and production deals being made, Benjamen notes he couldn’t reveal too much.

“The first season will actually be about the launch of the [HDLV-USA] store and The Renaissance Tour. The second season we will be featuring new entrepreneurs. I can’t speak too much about the guest appearances, but it will be exciting, dramatic, uplifting and inspirational.”

Vision is the lifeblood of any business, and the millennial entrepreneur has big vision for the future of Spooler. “Imagine a world where people can 3D print their clothes at the tap of the button? Or simply a world where most of apparel manufacturing is completely automated? What if the belt you are wearing could automatically adjust to your waist size? These and many other solutions for the fashion industry are what’s in store for the future of Spooler. Design redefined.

You can keep up with Benjamen’s disruption of the fashion, tech, music, and TV world on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and his Spooler, HDLV-USA, and WeDesyn websites.